Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer School is Underway!

Hello St. Georgians!
It was sad to say goodbye to all of our friends that are leaving St. George's, but I know you will have so much fun wherever you go!
Summer has gotten off to a great start! Summer School started last week and the kids have been having a blast! The first weeks theme was Jungle Safari! The kids really enjoyed a safari hunt!

They cruised around in their safari jeep while spotting a lion, flamingo, giraffe, elephant and a jungle dragon! It has been fun to see everyone blossoming so far! Lots of new friendships between the various ages & classes have been forming. Kids are really expressing the friendships as they have lunch together everyday. The lunch atmosphere is very social and the kids leisurely enjoy their meals with their company! The threes have really been stepping up to the plate with some of the more challenging projects and are doing well. Friday wrapped up the week with water play. The kids all had fun with the sprinklers, kid pools, and water spout on top of the play structure!
We also had a special lunch of pizza and watermelon!

Week two is underway now with a treasure hunt theme! Stay tuned for more details about how our play structure has become a pirate ship! Ahoy mateys!

I sure do hope everyone is having a Grrrreat summer!

Fun in the Sun,