Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Adventure Week 3 - Bakery Shop

Hello again!!! The third week of Summer Adventure - Bakery Shop was a sweet treat! It was a shorter week due to the 4th of July holiday, but included many more friends!! The kids really enjoyed painting our play oven, and then using it with real bakery equipment like pie pans, pizza trays, cupcake tins. In our bakery, the children spent a lot of time making various items with the playdough. This resulted in much negotiation of who got how much playdough, pretend cupcakes and pretend doughnuts. The children did a good job of working it out between themselves! Of course, they also really liked doing the real baking- and frosting and decorating. So many sprinkles!!! We made baker men and women, baker's hats and matched colorful cupcake tops. The children did a great job matching the colors. Many of the kids came to school ready to meet with their new and old friends. Older kids are have been taking some of the younger ones under their wings and including them in their play. The younger kids really enjoy it and look up to the older kids. Friday wrapped up the week with water day, which continues to be a hit with the children and a special lunch! The kids made their own turkey and cheese sandwiches and cut them into various shapes with cookie cutters! Lunch also included apple slices and carrots!

Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice,

Summer Adventure Week 2 - Treasure Hunt!!!

Hello ALL! Summer Adventure has been so much fun and so busy that this post is really late! Sorry! Week 2 -Treasure Hunt was a sure find! We had a larger group of kids that week which produced more large group play on the yard - team building of waterways, hide & seek, tag and more! There was a nice mixture of ages in play! The children loved sailing along in our pirate ship play structure! They painted and glued jewels on their own treasure chests, made telescopes, strung pirate jewelry, laced a pirate hat and made a giant treasure map! Every day's preparation for our big treasure hunt led to a great sense of anticipation and excitement! They collected their bounty in their very own decorated treasure boxes! Friday finished up the week with a fun water day and a lunch of chicken legs, biscuits and grapes!

"X" Marks the Spot,